Since my birth, I never left my dear country, which has always allowed me to meet our friends from the forest and a fantastic kind.
     Always been interested and fascinated by the flora, fauna, landscapes of the world, in 2008 I decided to devote myself fully to nature photography by investing in professional equipment to spend most of my time on the lookout, approach and the hunt for landscapes.

    Student in renewable energy, worries of our planet worries me, and I hope, like many nature photographers, with my photos, educate as many people to protect our beautiful planet and the beings therein.

Equipment used:


-Nikkor 500 mm AF-S VRII f/4

-Nikkor 105 mm AF-S Micro VR f/2,8

-Nikkor 24-70 mm AF-S f/2,8

-Nikkor 14-24 mm AF-S f/2,8

-Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/3,5

-Bagues allonges Trois tailles

-Sac Tamrac Expedition 8x

-Filtre Polarizant CIR-PL Slim Frame HOYA HMC

-Filtre NDX400 HOYA HMC


-Filtre LEE Filter ND Grad Soft 0,9

-Filtre LEE Filter ND Grad Soft 0,6

-Filtre LEE Filter ND Grad Soft 1,2

-Rotule BENRO pendulaire GH2 with coat

-Rotule MANFROTTO 229 3D Super-Pro

-Trépied BENRO CT4770 Carbon-Magnésium

-Télécommande NIKON ML-3

-Carte mémoire LEXAR Professional UDMA 16GB 600x

-Carte Mémoire LEXAR Professional UDMA 16GB 300x