Although the good-night or good morning, a few words about one of the finest, and most amazing country in the world, after you can past the pictures. So I said .......... Oh! I will present my side trip to the edge of the Arctic Circle, where it is not hot, and where there is a lot of wind, an island of over 103 000 km2 with as many people as Bordeaux (320,000 inhabitants), in other words very sparsely inhabited, there or sheep are 10 times more present than the Europeans, in short, an island with a height of 537 northbound Km, free, or almost tree. This can be find the largest and most important waterfalls of Europe, we'll even talk of an island poultry, or what is the largest concentration of birds the world. An island still in training, and primary, which displays fabulous panoramas, but it, you knew that already ... . Where the city is 4x4 not recommended, you can count on more ago-the old Patrol or the monster-truck, alternatives such as walking and cycling are entirely appropriate, but the time must follow! Here is the beginning of my photographic report on Iceland, pending premature returns.

Enjoy your visit! at least I hope so.